Heaven’s gifts – We at heavens kitchen believe that children are gifts given to us by our heavenly father Yeshua.  


Heavens gifts was launched January 1 2018 by myself. We started for a number of reasons but the most import is that there’s a real need for moms/children/babies who need assistance.


Once a month we chose either a hospital, orphanage, school were we will take along a lunch, treats, clothing, toiletries. We use the remaining of the month to collect items for this day. We usually go on the last Saturday or Sunday of the month.

Baby packs : ( We require 30 of these a month )

2 items of clothing 0-6 months

1 x Baby powder

1 x Vaseline

5 x New born nappies

1 x Baby body lotion


Snack packs: ( We require 30 of these a month)

1 x Pack of crisps

1 x Marsh mellow

1 x Box fruit juice

1 x Fruit stick

2 x Biscuits

Help us to collect 60 balls